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Your child has so much potential. They are bright, curious and motivated, but can’t do their school work at home because computers are too expensive. We’re here to help you solve that problem.

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A great computer can cost less than a cup of coffee a day, and be filled with tons of educational tools and enriching content that works anywhere your child is — with or without the internet.

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Introducing Endless Computers


A valuable PC you can access with easy lease payments. No hidden fees. No late fees. Cancel any time. It’s easy to qualify.

Educational and fun

Super-easy to use with educational resources like Wikipedia and Khan Academy. Preloaded games also make it fun for kids while they learn.


Asus provides plenty of speed and memory on the PC, while our Endless OS is designed to work robustly with or without internet.


About the laptop

The Asus E410MA is tough enough for kids to handle with a 14” full HD screen, Intel Pentium Silver N5030 (up to 3.1GHz), 4GB RAM, 128 GB eMMC storage, and it’s Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.1 enabled for when you are connected.

Since 2016, Asus has shipped millions of computers with the Endless operating system installed to more than 75 countries worldwide. We are excited to launch this latest product along with Asus in the USA.


Our Operating

Installed on millions of PCs worldwide, our parent and educator approved operating system (OS) is as easy to use as a smartphone. It can also save you hundreds of dollars in the first month because it’s pre-loaded with over a hundred applications and resources – everything your student needs.

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About the program

Endless OS Foundation is pleased to announce this new program for families in the USA that offers an excellent, fully-loaded but affordable laptop for school and home.

Through our exclusive partnership with Asus, our program will bring affordable PCs to families through financing – further closing the Digital Divide.

We are dedicated to ensure every kid has access to the best educational resources.

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More about Endless OS

Endless saves families money while other operating systems like Windows and Mac require additional spending for essential software, anti-virus, subscriptions and more.

Endless OS is Linux-based like Android, but does not rely on the internet to deliver a student’s content like tablets and Chromebooks do.

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Above: the Asus E410MA
available in black only.

How to get started for $1 a day

Step 1

Sign-up with a $50 deposit to secure your laptop.

Step 2

With each $30 monthly payment, an SMS code is sent to keep you up and running.

Step 3

After 12 months, and your final code, the laptop is yours for good.

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What you get for $1 a day

Here’s what the Endless Package Includes.


Asus 14” laptop, 4GB RAM, 128 GB eMMC storage.

Endless OS

Voted best educational OS by Parents Magazine. Student-focus design.

Free Office Suite

LibreOffice works with Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

Creativity Apps

Free professional apps - photo, video, and music editing suite.

Offline App Ecosystem

Lots of educational and entertainment apps that come pre-installed. No internet required.

Parental controls

Parents can easily turn Internet access off / on.

Educational content

Over 100 free educational apps and resources, TED-Ed, Wikipedia and more.

Much more

Hundreds of free apps online when you are connected.

Deposit Back Guarantee
1-year warranty

Cancel any time. Your deposit will be returned with the return of the laptop.

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Your child has
so much potential.